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Too good not to share!

January 6, 2010


Classic, just classic!



Yes! Wait…no! Okay….maybe!

January 6, 2010


I have a quandry…

Which is worse? To fear the possible negative outcome of an action, or to avoid the action…and never know the outcome?


Is the fear of rejection worse than rejection itself?


I can make an argument for both, which drives me nuts. It would be much easier if I could simply make a reasoned argument for one or the other. Then the answer would be simple and straightforward.

But in the real world no such easy answer exists. Which takes me back to my to my problem.

and so the new year starts…

January 2, 2010

I used to make a new years resolution, not so much now.

Seems a bit silly to resolve to do one thing for the new year when the new year will be dynamic and changing, everything from circumstances to friendships. Some will end, some may start.

Resolving to change some behavior, some aspect of your life. Sounds nice in theory, not so much in reality.

Oh to be able to see the future! Or change the past…

I can dream…

Tis the season to….

December 25, 2009

Cough and wheeze.

Ugh, I made it through the entire fall semester without falling ill.

Then came December 23rd, the twinge of a cold hits me. No problem I think, it’s just a cold.

Figures, I wash my hands often while in school and no cold, winter break and I slack off and boom, sniffles and sneezes.

Here’s to Nyquil and kleenex.

Rinovirus…you suck!

I can see kinda where Scrooge comes from…

December 18, 2009

So yet another Christmas season is upon us, filling me with mixed emotions at best.

What exactly is my attitude towards Christmas?

Hrm, well, truth be told, the music is a weakness for me. The classical stuff that is. Listening to choirs sing at incredibly high notes in a language I do not understand is..okay fine, yes, I enjoy it very much.

This time of year is when I satiate my desire for quality classical music. The rest of the seasonal music is lacking, especially from virtually any new artist. Ugh, stick to techno or whatever other noise you make, leave the Christmas music to those with musical talent.

The food, meh. Divinity was Divine…until you gorge yourself on it as a child. Much like those who have experienced a tequila hangover that lasted for the rest of their life, a divinity hangover lasts…and lasts.

As for fruitcake, my best description is it as a doorstop. I mean seriously, I swear I have seen cockroaches turn up their nose to the rancid stuff.

But I digress..

A wonderful friend of mine referred to people’s attitude as “fa la la la la..bite me”. I would have to agree. The desire for a perfect holiday drives some folks nuts.

Getting together with family I’m sure draws many folks together, never been a huge thing with my family. We reserve our family get togethers for funerals (no, seriously).

Oh the lengths we will go to…

October 29, 2009

Okay, so I have a question.

Fast food is generally unhealthy for you to consume, I get that. Honestly, who goes to Mickey D’s for a McSalad?

My point exactly.

However, I have found myself actually cherry picking among fast food places. That is to say I have actually gone to:

McDonald’s for fries

BK for a whopper

Sonic for a drink

Hmmm….driving to three different fast food dens o’ grease and sugary deliciousness for my “ideal” fast food meal.

Ugh, am I alone in doing this? Please tell me there are others who do the same.

Sigh, such an eventful life

October 20, 2009

So I recently saw the pictures a friend took of their running the Chicago Marathon. The hordes of runners massed at the starting line. I use the term starting line loosely since with tens of thousands of runners, the starting line was several blocks away was my friends starting point.

Mind you, my friend lives near me in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

She ran a marathon in Chicago…

It amazes me that in her zeal for running she travelled to Chicago to run a marathon.

I commonly tell people “if you see me running, please help, something is chasing me”

Goes to show how dramatic the differences in things that motivate and excite people are.